Image by Lucie Kerley

Image by Lucie Kerley

Solo Mama • Photographer • Sometimes Blogger
Wild hearted, curious minded, creative soul. Aspiring Adventurer.
Music & tea fuel my days.

I believe in stories, community & connection. In staying curious & putting yourself out there wholeheartedly & authentically. We all have a tale to tell and the creativity to unleash it.

My journey has been long & slow. Sometimes tentative, sometimes full throttle, but always on a mission to find myself and my place. Always learning, always ongoing.

I’ve been a designer/maker with my own handmade textile business, an event organiser, and a make-up artist. I've trained in Interior Design & Colour Analysis. You might also consider me a blogger,/instagrammer/influencer. Although I have somewhat of an aversion these last specific terms, it has enabled me to be working right alongside the growth of online content and social media; I understand the importance of words, styling, imagery and of creating something that feels both beautiful and real.

I understand your journey.  I’ve been there, and am right there with you now, as I follow my own authentic path as a natural light photographer.

Putting your product or service out there can be scary enough, but without feeling, it’s just a commodity. I’ve had to learn the best ways for me to work, who I want to work with, & how I want to do it, and remain entirely in touch with the challenges and fears we face as independent creatives doing it all. The road hasn't been without curves & climbs: it rarely is. But, when you hit the right track, you just know. It fills you up & drives you onwards with clarity.

Working with people, products & places that have resonance, connection & community; collaborating with folks whose story, no matter how small or grand: that is IT for me.

Bringing that story, YOUR story, to life and filling it with colour brings the roar to my heart & allows me to pour back all the knowledge I’ve gained along my own journey, into helping you convey your message with authenticity & significance.

My unique & personal style combines light with contrast, tone & saturation to create images with heart & depth. Images that enable you to share the meaning, personality & spirit behind your creation, and to holistically represent yourself & express your brand.

As creatives, we so often do it all ourselves, but in seeing yourself, your processes, your product, event, or space through my lens. I aim to fill you with a sense of empowerment & passion that will help you to continue sharing your story with direction, purpose, & strength.

Let’s get together & tell your story. Visit my PACKAGES page for more details on how we can work together, or use the CONTACT FORM to start a conversation & find out more.

I can't wait to meet you x